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Our Consulting Process

Proven Methodologies for Industrial Studies on Manufacturing and Assembly


Production studies are the key for successful realization. No matter if it is a production relocation or an optimization of capacity or work flow, our experienced know-how will provide you the best solution for your challenge.

We analyze business cases for automation in your field of production utilizing decades of experience with commercial engineering in the aerospace industry.

The dynamic simulation of production processes with SIMIO helps us to optimize logistics as well as verify station capacities. Animations of the designed factory layout give you the chance to visit your future production facility prior to realization.​



Define common target and way of realization for the study planning phase.



Technical specification of production line for public bidding



Initial ideas based on Kick-Off for further iteration discussion.



Presentation of planning study and documentation of results

Intermediate Presentation

Common target definition for final study phase

Assist supplier downselect

Selection based on customer requirements (Technology, Costs, ...)

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