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Manufacturing Engineering

Analysis and Optimization of your production


In order to achieve improvements for a production environment, a thorough analysis of the current production situation is essential.

We analyze the current situation regarding production rates as well as the individual parts to be produced. We take a closer look at the existing equipment and process costs.


Investigations on processes, process steps, time frames and interdependencies are essential to get an overview.  Fully understanding of all production parameters are essential for concepts that meet your requirements.

Simulation and Balance Workload:

Static and dynamic simulations are tools for the calculation of the utilization rate.


Static simulations give us a first view by summarizing processing times per station regarding manual workload and stationary time.


Input parameters like numbers of work-shifts and process times create station workload output.

Design for automated or manual manufacturing:

No matter if you are looking for a manual assembly concept for low production rates or highly automated and high volume production lines, we develop the concept for your needs.


We also consider manual or automated transport systems, as well as semi-automated concepts, like collaborative robots.


We are always open for new ideas and always in search for innovative solutions.

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